At a glance

ClearEdge Commercial loans are designed for property investors that need quick access to capital at competitive interest rates.
  • Close fast to compete with cash buyers

  • Advance draws available

  • Up to 30 Units

  • Interest on drawn balance only available

  • Alternative Valuations Hybrid and BPO valuation options speed up your closing timeline

  • Non-recourse available

  • $75k - $2MM+ Million Loan amount

  • Loan Interest only payments

  • 50% faster construction draws access your money faster via Clearedge’s cloud-based draw inspection technology

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Fix & Flip Loans

ClearEdge provides fast and reliable capital for real estate investors competing against cash to seize investment opportunities.

Fix and flip loans can fund the purchase and renovation of residential investment properties.

Do you need a short-term loan so you can fix and flip a house? ClearEdge Lending fix and flip loans allow you to purchase a property under market value, rehab it, and then re-sell it as quickly as possible.

Clear Edge Commercial is a direct lender capable of funding your deal without

Loans for investors who are buying distressed properties, rehabbing, and selling. Sensible, flexible, and fast!