At a glance

ClearEdge Commercial loans are designed for property investors that need quick access to capital at competitive interest rates. All of Multi-family loans share the following features:
  • Up to 30 units

  • Advance draws available

  • $75k - $2MM Loan Amounts

  • Non-recourse available

  • Up to 80% LTC / 75% LTV

  • 50% faster construction draws access your money faster via Clearedge’s cloud-based draw inspection technology

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Multi-family Loans

ClearEdge is a leading lender for multi-family and residential investment property. We understand the needs of investors throughout the investment lifecycle, from acquisition to renovation to stabilization.

Do you want to acquire a small apartment complex?

Value-Add Bridge

Loans for investors buying distressed multi-family properties that need capital expenditures and rent increases to stabilize and bring value to current market standards.

Stabilized Bridge

For turn-key tenant properties that need seasoning and/or further tenancy before long term takeout.